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The Government Strategic Vision 2030

 By Sylvain Mahiley
International Relations concern people and their Cultures in the global sphere. The relationship among the world’s governments is defined by as International Relation. The scope of these relations is tied also to International Organizations, to individuals and their activities in a given society.
As we observe social structure, we can find out that International Relation has a great impact on the economics of a nation, its culture and its domestic affairs. In keeping with it international relation has policy, Liberia Planning Minister, Honorable Axnara Konneh, Revealed During a press conference held at Monrovia City Hail on October 8, 2010 5 along with Liberia partners of progress and donors, The new initiative, strategic vision 2030, to enhance the country development process in a long range plan, for peace, stability and economic growth.
This initiative of the Liberia government must be applauded and supported because of its purpose to bring development, capacity building to strengthen our human resource intelligence.
Looking at the Vision, and it purpose for action, Liberia will reach another level of sustainable development in the global village. Skeptics may ask what may be the fundamental of this strategic vision.
Let’s itemize that to implement such huge agenda, Liberia needs the effort of all of its citizenry and their technical expertise and also the technical expertise of stakeholders.
Also needed is the effort of Non-governmental organizations, universities, business partners, communities’ dwellers, public and private institution, and so on. The purpose of such agenda may be to better serve the government of Liberia and its people.
After the best priorities have been identified, taking in account the aspiration of the masses.
Such initiative most of the time account for the nation environment and its economic needs, the skill and technical expertise of it human resources, including the assessment of greater action for capacity and capability Building.

Indication of the overall objective show that Honorable Amara Konneh, is very optimistic in regard with the outcome of this Vision 203C Agenda, base on the involvement of now governmental expertise and the need for the government and the people of Liberia to dictate to the international community what aid and support are needed for Liberia.

These indicators show that Liberia needs a process to define the country needs and priorities such as promoting the importance of the technical and professional Human Resources Building up Scientific and Technological Institutions, reprioritizing all technical cooperation, improving programs of Action for transfer of technology.
Accountability for planning and implementation program is timeless. And evaluating and controlling the impact of all projects for the development of the nation.

But why shifting from peace building to capacity and capability building now? Despite numerous social problem, the integration of’ such a plan with a long term (2030) commitment is to be consider with the participation of all the children of this nation. Program of sustainable development are the most welcome. The difficulty lies in the mobilization of funding for the general cost of such a long term program.

Honorable Amara Konneh stating that a higher level meeting that gave birth to the “Delivery as One” initiative has been met, prove that the UN has mobilized or will mobilize the necessary funds for Liberia’s long term development program.

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs which is the national organism to structure and lead projects is to establish mechanism to spear head the process. Priorities must be given to the national actors in delivering the technical assistance when implementing the sustainable development program nationwide.

The success of this program depends on the unity and peace that must be considered inevitable for the Liberia people.